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Matters of the Heart Auction

Welcome to the Wallingford United Methodist Church Auction Website!

Day-of Questions? Call Heather 360-224-3375

Event is 5 to 10pm on April 22!!!

Welcome to the Matters of the Heart Auction website!

“It’s not just about money... it’s about heart.”

The annual auction is a very important fundraiser for Wallingford United Methodist Church & Wallingford Childcare Center. It is the major funding mechanism that provides:
Funds for the Building and Grounds Committee  for upkeep of our shared building and major capital improvementsScholarships for youth in the Church's Sister Parish in Guarjila, El SalvadorPrograms and general funding for the Childcare annual priorities Last year, individuals, families and friends generated nearly $40,000 in net proceeds at the event!

We are supporting multiple non-profits with this years event! Including catering from Fare Start and our location - Daybreak Star Cultural Center, which is located in Discovery Park. The venue is a large space, with great indoor and outdoor views of the park and the Sound. Daybreak Star, non-profit and a major nucleus of Native American cultural activity in its region, functions as a conference center, a location for pow wows, the location for a Head Start school program, and an art gallery.

Video on Scholarship Fund and Special Relationship built with sister parish:
Video showing the wonderful community spirit of the Daycare Center:

On this Website you can:
1. Use the RSVP tab to purchase tickets for yourself, family, friends, teachers and others!
2. Use the Merchandise tab to make a cash donation
3. Use the Donate Item tab to donate an item
4. View the current items and get ready for the big night!
Items are getting populated in the catalog. More get added nearly every day, so keep checking back to see what's new!

In order to visit secure areas of the website, you'll be prompted to enter your "Last Name" and "Password". If you don't have an existing record or password, you'll have an opportunity to create one. If you created one last year, it should still work.

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Click one of the categories on your left to view the catalog. You can then click the name or image of any item listed to view a larger image and the item details. For your convenience, you can keep track of your favorite items by adding them to your "Wish List".

We're currently looking for donations for the Dessert Dash. What is a Dessert Dash?
The dessert dash involves each table combining their bids to claim one of the delicious desserts available at the auction night event. The table with the largest bid gets first chance at dashing to the dessert table and picking the dessert of their choice! To get your chance at the most delectable, scrumptious dessert, simply complete the dessert dash card on your table the night of the auction! Be careful though… you’ll need bid high to be the first table called and be fast to get your favorite dessert because the next winning table number will be called quickly… thus, the DASH part of the Dessert Dash!  For questions or donation, contact Daranee Oakley (daranee_o@hotmail.com).

We're also looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the event.

If you're interested contact:

Heather Hagle (hmhagle@gmail.com) - Daycare Team Member and Website Questions
Ann Joyce (m_ann_joyce@msn.com) - Church Team Member
Liz Kennedy (lizkennedy@seanet.com) - Church Team Member
Linda Condit (linda.condit@gmail.com) - Church Team Member
Kellie Mcbee (kelliemcbee@gmail.com) - Church Team MemberTheresa Hoeft (theresa.j.hoeft@gmail.com) - Daycare Parent and Catering/Food Preferences

Daranee Oakley (daranee_o@hotmail.com) - Daycare Parent and Dessert Dash Contact

Nicole Jabaily (njabaily@gmail.com) - Daycare Parent and Decorations and Wine Donations

149% of Item Procurement Goal

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