Looking for other ways to donate/volunteer?

  • We're currently looking for donations for the Dessert Dash. What is a Dessert Dash? The dessert dash involves each table combining their bids to claim one of the delicious desserts available at the auction night event. The table with the largest bid gets first chance at dashing to the dessert table and picking the dessert of their choice. Simply complete the dessert dash card on your table the night of the auction. Be careful though… you’ll need to bid high to be the first table called and be fast to get your favorite dessert because the next winning table number will be called quickly… thus, the DASH part of the Dessert Dash!
  • We're also looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the event.
  • And finally, we're collecting wine donations of any type!


If you're interested or have questions, please contact:
Brian Hinson (bthinson1@gmail.com) - Daycare Team Member, Website Admin
Pam Xander (pj1000@aol.com) - Church Team Member
Kate MacKenzie (amanda_katem@hotmail.com) - Daycare Team Member
Katie Hess (hess.katiem@gmail.com) - Daycare Team Member